Cultures throughout the world have used the language of rhythm to inspire and channel collective work force, ritualism, community spirit and celebration.

After so many centuries, music is still a powerful tool for team building, group communication, diversity awareness and sincere demonstration of leadership.

Drumming is synergized energy!


Dan endorses TOCA Percussion



New World Synergy represents Dan Egger-Belandria‚Äôs outlook on the positive impact of global diversity among cultural, spiritual and socio-economic realms. Drawing from nearly two decades of professional facilitation and performance, Dan shares his passion for music, travel and connecting people together through rhythm and communication awareness. He facilitates corporate seminars in support of team building and leadership, multicultural school assembly programs, wellness workshops and explosive club performances throughout the Americas. All New World Synergy programs and performances are available in English and Spanish. 

                                                       What is your Inner Rhythm Journey?