ARTreach Rhythm Journey Series

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These programs are funded by ARTreach and
available to all Katy ISD and Austin ISD schools
serving a targeted population in need.
Please contact Terri Bieber at
or call 281-392-5341.

For direct booking, contact
Rhythm Journey is a powerful interactive experience of rhythmic collaboration through which particpants explore self awareness and artistic expression. All Rhythm Journey programs are tailored to serve at-risk, underprivileged, elderly and adult special needs groups. Dan uses call-and-response techniques to develop the group's drumming vocabulary while emphasizing key learning points around respect, team building, wellness and self confidence. This is a hands-on approach to breaking down barriers within a group to create a shared vision that is fun, rewarding and healthy!

Each of the following workshops lasts 30 to 60 minutes:
  • Rhythm in Action – focus on responsible behavior and self respect - 25 maximum participants
  • Rhythm in Motion – Yoga BOOM (in conjunction with Za BOOM Ba) - - 120 maximum participants
  • The Rhythm Language – focus on positive, effective communication - 25 maximum participants