Generations and Genders

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The disparity among the four generations in the workforce - Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials - can sometimes create a clash of misunderstanding and frustration that reduces employee morale and, ultimately, productivity. generations and genders

This half-day module clarifies the primary characteristics among the four generations while making positive use of similarities and differences in workplace behavior and attitudes between men and women. Employees will find this half-day session insightful and fun; managers will learn more about how they can effectively harness cross-generation/gender differences to improve their diversity-management style to sustain positive morale and productivity throughout the organization. Generation(s) and Genders in the Workplace is an excellent continuation of the The Diversity Management Toolbox.

Generation and Genders in the Workplace objectives:

  • Assess cross-generation friendliness among work group(s)
  • Assess gender-friendliness among work group(s)
  • Identify and characterize similarities and differences among the four generations
  • Learn how to effectively motivate, mentor and recruit workers from all four generations
  • Practice managing gender and generation-related conflicts through case studies
  • Examine verbal and non-verbal communication differences and similarities among generations and between genders
  • Establish an action plan that serves as a template for appropriate workplace behavior